How to upgrade flights on American airlines
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American Airlines is a top-rated commercial flight service provider in the United States. It is easy to book tickets and manage the reservations with the airline. The service providers are known for its world class flight services and timings. The add-on facilities make the airline a superb choice to travel in or out of America.

Here are the steps to upgrade the flights on American Airlines on the internet –

Visit the American Airlines website and login to Advantage account.
Enter the Advantage number or the email address and the password. Click on the ‘Login’ button.
Check the current account and the valid phone number. Click on ‘My Account’ link and then ‘Personal Information and Password’ link.
Click ‘Buy Upgrades’ moving back to the Advantage section. Select the upgrades for purchase and supply the credit card number.
Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

The traveler can also upgrade the flight by self-service check-in –
For check-in arrive at the airport. Find the American Airline self-service check-in section and wait for your turn in the line.
Insert the credit card in the kiosk and enter the destination city. Also, pull up the reservation.
Follow the prompt check-in until the computer presents with the option to purchase an upgrade. Also, request for an upgrade.
Provide the payment info and choose the original booking credit card billed or else there is the option to swipe a new card to purchase the upgrade.
The most effective and instant way will be to take assistance from American Airlines customer service phone number . Support experts will provide quick assistance in the upgrading your flight ticket. Dial American Airlines reservation number for instant reach out. Take assistance from the best in the business with quick fix problem solving.

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